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Automatic Power Pumping with the Alyssa!

The Ardo Alyssa has an automatic Power Pumping programme that mimics a baby cluster feeding to increase supply at the click of a button.

What is power pumping?  – it is based on a baby cluster feeding at the breast, this is when a baby has lots of feeds spaced closely together. Power Pumping mimics this pattern, which helps to increase the milk supply. Power Pumping may also help trigger more letdowns.

How to use the Power Pumping feature – first switch on the Ardo Alyssa, then tap the automatic Power Pumping button.

It is a one-hour pre-set programme that consists of 20 minutes of pumping, a 10-minute pause, 10 minutes of pumping, another 10-minute pause, and finally, 10 minutes of pumping.

The Power Pumping button will light up to show you which phase you are in, you also can see a live countdown of each phase which is shown below the battery light.

At the end of each pumping interval, the breast pump will beep, & the 10-minute pause period begins. At the end of the pause the breast pump beeps again, you then need to activate the Power Pumping again by pressing the power pumping button to continue the programme.

The pumping phases and pauses are predefined which helps to simplify the process, but you can adjust the vacuum & cycle settings in the stimulation & expressing modes to your comfort at any time.

What should I do during the pauses? – during this time you might want to grab a snack, watch some TV or relax.

Double or Single Pumping? – when Power Pumping if possible it is better to double pump, it may also help to use a special pumping bra or you can make yourself with an old bra.

When should I Power Pump? – You may do this once a day to stimulate the milk supply.  Power Pumping is generally a short-term measure to help increase your milk supply. It may take a few days or more to notice an increase in supply.

Does it work with the MyArdo App?  yes, you can control the automatic Power Pumping feature via the MyArdo app!

Power Pumping can help in any situation where you might need to increase milk supply, for example, latching issues, a premature baby, or medical complications.

Click here to watch the video for Power Pumping! 

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