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Memory Plus – personalised expressing at the touch of a button

Express with ease, using a personalised and comfortable expressing sequence with the Memory Plus feature on the Ardo Alyssa.

Your pumping pattern is a very individual combination of suction strength (vacuum) and suction frequency (cycle) with different durations. Once you have found the ideal settings that make your milk flow best, you can save them with Memory Plus. This fantastic function saves the entire pumping history and automatically recalls it the next time pumping takes place.

When you find which settings are most comfortable for you, and the milk flows best,  save the whole expressing session.  Memory Plus saves all the settings used, and duration, at the click of a button. This simplifies the pumping process, allowing you to focus on relaxing during your expressing session.

How do you save the session?

At the end of your expressing session press the Memory Plus button.  Two beeps confirm that the session has been saved, the button will light up white and the pump will turn off.

The saved session will automatically replay the next time you turn on the pump.  The button will flash during the expression session, it then automatically switches off after the saved expressing sequence and duration have been replayed.

Replaying the saved session

The next time you turn on the pump it will automatically start in Memory Plus.  The saved expressing sequence will remain the same and the Memory Plus function lights up white. When replaying a saved session, the vacuum increases gradually according to the saved settings.

How do I exit Memory Plus?

You can exit Memory Plus at any time by adjusting the vacuum or cycle settings or by selecting another function.

How do I overwrite an existing session? 

To save a new expressing sequence and overwrite the old one you simply hold down the Memory Plus button until it beeps twice and the button flashes to confirm the new session saved. The pump will then switch off.

To delete a saved expressing sequence, when the pump is turned on, hold down the memory plus button until it is no longer lit up.

My Ardo app

You can even control the Memory Plus feature via the Myardo app and view a detailed history of the settings used.

For further information and a demonstration of Memory Plus watch our YouTube video.

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