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Mastitis? help is on its way in the shape of a breast pump!

A breast pump can be a valuable tool in the prevention of mastitis, and even in the treatment of mastitis.

What is mastitis?
Mastitis is a condition whereby the breast(s) become inflamed and engorged. Sometimes there can be a bacterial infection present, but not always. It is caused by stasis of milk, so milk is not being removed from the breast which can lead to a blockage.

Many women who have had mastitis describe it as coming on suddenly and feeling as if they are getting the flu.

Classic symptoms of mastitis include breast pain, swelling and redness. Mastitis may present as flu-like symptoms – such as aching, a headache, fever, and chills.

So as a feeding parent, if you feel unwell like you are getting a cold or flu, especially if you have a temperature, think could this be mastitis?

Using a breast pump – if you think you may be at risk of mastitis due to a baby not feeding, or not feeding effectively, then you can use a breast pump to drain your breasts and avoid milk stasis and engorgement.

If you suspect you have mastitis then using a breast pump as soon as possible can help ease the pain of engorgement and prevent your condition from worsening.

When using a breast pump you should always make sure you have the right flange size for your breasts and the right setting to express your milk gently and effectively.

Only pump for short periods of time (5-10 minutes). Overpumping could make engorgement worse and lead to an oversupply of milk.

When used properly, breast pumps like the Ardo electric breast pumps can be very effective in helping you drain the breast and relieve the symptoms of mastitis.

Ardo breast pumps are trusted medical devices which are NHS approved and WHO Code-compliant.

Thank you to boobingit for their comprehensive guide to mastitis.  The full mastitis guide is a great read as it covers everything a mum needs to know about the causes, symptoms, and treatment of mastitis.

If you would prefer to listen to a brilliant podcast by Olivia Hinge IBCLC, mother of 3, and lactation consultant –  All Things Mastitis There are a few things that can make us more prone to mastitis. Some things we have control over and some things we don’t…”


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