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Belly Balls

Belly Balls

Product Code : 63.00.07

  • Supportive teaching product for HCP’s
  • Visual help for parents
  • 3 Sizes of Belly Balls

Many mums worry about whether the amount of breastmilk they are producing is enough to feed their baby. Ardo Belly Balls have been designed as a supportive teaching product to show how small the stomach of an infant is, and also to show that the amount of breastmilk they receive is, as a rule, completely sufficient.

Each size of Ardo Belly Balls corresponds to the estimated average size of a new-born’s elastic stomach. The average size of a new-born baby’s stomach will be:

on the first day: 5-7 ml
on the third day: 22-27 ml
on the fifth day: approx. 57 ml

References: Wang, Y et al: Preliminary Study on the Blood Glucose Level in the Exclusively Breastfed Newborn; J Trop Peds 1994, 40:187-88. Saint L, Smith M, Hartmann P.E: The yield and nutrient content of colostrum and milk of women from giving birth to one month post-partum; British Journal of Nutrition 1984, 52, 87-95. Scammon, R, Doyle L: Observations on the capacity of the stomach in the first ten days of postnatal life. Am J Dis Child 1920; 20:516-38

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