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Say hello to the new rental pump the Bellis!

Introducing the new rechargeable Ardo Bellis!

The Ardo Bellis breast pump is efficient, safe, and simple to use.  It can be shared between users due to the closed system technology, protecting the breastmilk and the pump from contamination, making it the perfect pump to rent.

This modern rechargeable breast pump has a unique Power Pumping programme and a Memory Plus function.

The pump arrives ready to use, it is fully serviced and cleaned, and includes two new pumpsets for single or double expressing.  The Bellis includes a choice of 26mm & 22mm breastshells.

How do you use the Bellis? 

The pump has 2 phases to mimic a baby’s feeding behaviour, there is stimulation mode and expressing mode. In stimulation mode, the Cycles are fast with the Vacuum levels low to stimulate a letdown.  In expression mode the Vacuum is high with the Cycles slow to allow efficient flow of breastmilk.

The Ardo Bellis automatically starts in stimulation mode for 2 minutes, but you can manually switch to expression mode at any time.

In both phases there are 8 different vacuum levels to choose from,  and 8 different cycle speeds, giving a total of 64 different combinations of settings to be used for each phase!

Power Pumping – sounds amazing what is it? 

Power Pumping mimics a baby cluster feeding at the breast to help increase your breastmilk supply.  It is a fully automated one-hour programme,  just press the Power Pumping on the Ardo Bellis button to initiate the session.

The automated programme consists of 20 minutes of pumping, 10-minute pause, 10 minutes of pumping, another 10-minute pause, and finally, 10 minutes of pumping.

The Power Pumping button will light up to show you which phase you are in, you also can see a live countdown of each phase below the battery light.

At the end of each pumping interval, the breast pump will beep, and the 10-minute pause period begins. At the end of the pause the breast pump beeps again, you then need to activate the Power Pumping again by pressing the button to continue the programme.

Memory Plus means you can save your pumping sessions!

When you find the settings that are most comfortable for you, and the breast milk flows best, you can save the whole expressing session!  Save the settings by pressing the Memory Plus button at the end of your session. 2 beeps confirm it is saved, the button will light up white and the pump will turn off.

This allows for a personalised and comfortable expressing experience, the next time you turn your pump on, the saved session will automatically replay, genuis!

Easily exit Memory Plus by adjusting the Vacuum or Cycles, overwrite the old session, and save a new session by holding the Memory Plus button again until it beeps.

To delete a session hold down the memory plus button until it’s no longer lit up.

What else is there to know about the Ardo Bellis?

The Ardo Bellis is rechargeable which helps when you need to express on the go.  When the pump is fully charged you can express up to 8 times, it also operates while plugged into mains.

To help prevent your precious breastmilk from being spilled the Bellis has an integrated bottle holder.  The holder provides a stable place to set down milk bottles when you have finished expressing.

The smooth round surfaces of the Ardo Bellis make it simple to clean. The touch display on the pump is easy to use, being discrete during the night and visible during the day.

For more information watch our video with IBCLC Ilayda.



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