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Ardo Care Vegan Balm

Ardo Care Vegan Balm

Product Code : 63.00.384 (1ml) - 63.00.382 (10ml)

  • Cares for dry, sensitive, or sore nipples
  • Protects the nipples while breastfeeding
  • A vegan alternative to lanolin
  • No need to wipe it off before breastfeeding
  • Also suitable for sensitive skin
  • Free from fragrances and synthetic preservatives

Ardo Care Vegan Balm nipple cream soothes and cares for dry and sensitive nipples when breastfeeding, keeping the nipples smooth and soft and helps prevent soreness.

Ardo Care Balm also promotes the healing of dry, sensitive, or sore nipples by the body itself.

Ardo Care Balm can be used for any type of dry or cracked skin, even on sensitive skin.

Available in 1ml & 10ml tube.


Vegan and all-natural ingredients Vegan and all-natural ingredients

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