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Product & Expressing Videos


This is a range of our product and expert help videos. For more videos visit our YouTube channel.

Product Guide

Setting up the Alyssa rechargeable Breastpump

Expressing with the Carum Breastpump

Say hello to our newest pump, the Ardo Bellis Breastpump!

Setting up the Calypso Double Plus Breastpump

Setting up the Calypso Single Breastpump

Setting up the Calypso To Go Breastpump

Setting up the Carum Breastpump

Setting up the Amaryll Breastpump

How to disassemble and clean the Amaryll Breastpump

How to use the 18 & 22mm Silicone Inserts

How to assemble an Ardo pumpset

Cleaning your Ardo pumpsets!

Discover our nipple shields with IBCLC Ilayda!

Pregnancy must have! Perimassage

Expert Help

Let down, what is it and how do we achieve it?

How breast massage can help you?

Do you want to produce more breastmilk?

Alyssa's Automatic Power Pumping Function with IBCLC, Ilayda!

More Breastmilk, yes mama!

If you've got an Alyssa breastpump, you need this app!

Alyssa Automatic Power Pump

3 MUST KNOW Pumping Techniques You Will Love

Alyssa's Memory Plus, make your expressing journey easier!

Lactation consultant helps mum pump

Find out your correct breast shell size with IBCLC, Ilayda!

Something not working with your Calypso breastpump?

Sore, cracked or dry nipples?

Single vs Double Pumping - make your choice

Learn all about storing your breastmilk with IBCLC, Ilayda!

Baby Poo - what's normal?

Let Down, what is it and how do we achieve it?

Essential Guide to travelling and pumping


Calypso Double Plus - what's in the box?

Carum - what's in the box?

Calypso-to-go what's in the box?

Calypso single what's in the box?


Tired of waiting with your legs in the Air?

How to Use the Fertilily Conception Cup

FERTILILY Conception Gel - sperm friendly lubricant.

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