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Operate the Alyssa from your phone – how cool!

Did you know that the Alyssa breastpump can be operated using the MyArdo app? 

The MyArdo app works on both Apple and Android phones and gives you control of your pump from your smartphone.

It would be useful to familiarise yourself with how to use the Alyssa before you start. If you are into reading then the instructions are for you.  If watching videos works best for you then visit our YouTube channel for lots of lovely choices.

Simple to use

First, download the MyArdo app and pair the Alyssa. To do this you need to turn on your Bluetooth and enter the serial number, or just scan the QR code with your camera.  When it is connected the Bluetooth symbol on the Alyssa will light and you are ready to start expressing.

App Functions

The app allows you to control all functions of the breast pump remotely, giving you more flexibility when you express. You can easily adjust the vacuum (suction) and cycles (stimulation).  This helps you to find the settings that are most comfortable and get that precious milk flowing.

Automatic Power Pumping

A unique feature on the Alyssa.  A one-hour programme that mimics a baby cluster feeding at the breast to help increase milk supply.  You can view which phase of the Power Pumping programme you are in, and see a live countdown of each phase.

Memory Plus – this means you can easily save a whole expressing session. Just simply tap the save button when you find the settings that suit you best. You can also click to view a detailed history of the settings used. Overwrite the old session with a new one by clicking save again, and easily delete a session via the app.

More Features!

Not only can you control the Alyssa, but you are also able to access lots of helpful information while you express.  You can also find important information and instructions about the Ardo Alyssa, and change the language.   How to increase what you express, breastmilk storage, and the correct breast shell size. Tap Tips and take a look.

If you have an Alyssa you need this app, download the MyArdo app today via the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Instructional video link

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