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Urine Specimen Bags

Urine Specimen Bags

Product Code : Preemie 10ml; Paediatric 100ml; New Born 100ml;

  • Different shapes and sizes
  • Standard or microporous adhesive
  • Butterfly adhesive patch
  • Suitable for male and female anatomy
  • Double Chamber construction

The Sterile Urine Specimen Bags are the first choice when it comes to convenience, protection and care for delicate skin. The bags allow the collection of an aseptic specimen for urine tests, without contamination.

  • Different shapes and sizes to meet a variety of clinical applications
  • Standard or microporous adhesive surfaces (latex-free) ensure easy and precise use
  • Comfortable and suitable for both the male and female anatomy
  • Simply stick the adhesive surfaces together to seal the specimen bag and send the urine sample to the laboratory
  • The “Butterfly” adhesive patch minimises faecal contamination
  • Unisex design thus reducing stock holding for hospitals
  • Double Chamber construction with no-flow back keeps urine away from the skin to help prevent irritation

Product Codes –

7540/4540 Preemie (10ml) Microporous Cloth Adhesive
7535/4535 Newborn (100ml) Microporous Cloth Adhesive
7515/4515 Newborn (100ml) Standard Adhesive
7531/4531 Paediatric (200ml) Microporous Cloth Adhesive
7511/4511 Paediatric (200ml) Standard Adhesive

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