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NEW hands-free pumpset for ALL Ardo Breast pumps.

The NEW hands-free double pumpset has been designed to increase flexibility and relaxation in your busy everyday life with your baby.

The BEST thing about our wearable pumpsets… they’re compatible with ALL our electric breast pumps. That’s right if you’ve got a Calypso or one of our rental pumps, the Carum or Bellis, you can use the Hands-Free pumpsets with yours!

These are your advantages:

• Save time
Express while you’re getting on with other tasks. This saves valuable time, which you can then use to do other things.

• Relaxed
Sit down and relax while you express, without the need to actively hold the pumpsets in position the whole time. This can help to increase your milk volume.

• Multi-tasking
With your hands free you can complete other tasks while expressing, such as working on the computer, reading, making phone calls or looking after your baby.

• Pleasant and comfortable
The milk cups are lightweight and the breast shells (24mm & 19mm included) are made from soft and comfortable silicone.

Watch our video and see how easy the pumpsets are to use!



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