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Expressing and Feeding as a new mum – Emily’s Story

New mum to the gorgeous Chester, we asked Emily about her feeding journey

• Why did you want to breastfeed and express?
I decided to express and breastfeed so that it would allow me some freedom & flexibility! It was also important to allow other people to share the wonderful experience & bond it brings to feed a baby.

• How did expressing and breastfeeding work for you?
I wish I’d have started expressing sooner to be honest, having breastmilk stored isn’t just great for feeding but also works wonders for baby’s skin in baths, cleaning their umbilical cords, etc! Its magic stuff & expressing helps you be able to utilise it in all sorts of ways!

• What were the challenges you faced, and did you find you were met with prejudice when breastfeeding, and if so could you provide an example and explain how you overcame it?
I was 100% supported by all my friends and family when it came to breastfeeding which as a first-time mum meant so much to me!
There was only once when an older gentleman shook his head at me when I was alone feeding in a coffee shop, but the staff in the shop were so supportive and I felt empowered to shake my head back, and then he looked away! (In truth I gave him the finger haha)

• What advice would you give to a new mum starting their breastfeeding journey?
The best piece of advice I would give to someone starting their breastfeeding journey is… believe in yourself! You are enough and you can do it! Your boobs will find a way 🤣🤣 Breastfeeding doesn’t come easy for everyone and that’s okay but have faith that between you and your baby you can find a way! It’s the most magical experience that only you and your baby will experience, something to treasure forever!

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