Choosing the right breastpump

The main difference is between hand and electric breastpumps. An electric breastpump is a good idea if you’ll be expressing milk often. If you are only going to use it occasionally a hand pump is usually sufficient. The Carum hospital breastpump is available to hire, please contact Ardo for further details. If you are going to be expressing for a long time it is sensible to buy a small electric pump, such as Calypso, which can also run on batteries.

Relevant criteria when choosing a breastpump:

  • Is it easy to operate?
  • With an electric breastpump is it possible to set the vacuum (suction strength) and cycle (suction frequency) individually? And is that possible in both stimulation and expression modes?
  • Can I use the pump for single and double pumping?
  • Is it as safe and hygienic as possible – with a closed pump system like "Vacuum Seal" technology?
  • Is the pumpset easy to clean?
  • Is it quiet? This is particularly relevant if you'll be pumping in the workplace or at night.
Choosing the right breastpump

Closed pump system gives maximum hygiene and safety

"Vacuum Seal" technology guarantees hygiene and safety when expressing. It is not possible for breast milk to get into the tube or the pump. This closed system protects both the breast milk and the pump from contamination. 

Sanftes Lösen von der Brust