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The Ardo Alyssa rechargeable breast pump – a mums personal must haves!

“I’ve pumped approx 2000 times between Alfie & Arlo. Alf for 5 months, Arlo for 3 (and counting)! It doesn’t make me an expert but it has given me a good idea about what works, what doesn’t and how to make pumping a little less all-consuming!

I had no idea what to look for when first choosing my pump but 2 kids in…here are my personal pump must-haves! My Ardo Alyssa pump has all of these & has worked wonders with both my supply and experience of pumping 2nd time around. Hope these help!

1) Make sure it’s hands-free! I am never “just” pumping. Whether it’s meal prep, working, getting ready for an evening out, tidying etc etc, simply being able to move around whilst pumping is in my opinion non-negotiable if you want pumping to become a part of your daily routine rather than it commanding your hours.

2) Make sure it’s a double! It means halving your time spent pumping and in the midnight hours that’s heaven 🙌🏼

3) Compact & light. My Ardo breastpump has been to the beach, it’s been to restaurants, planes, car journeys, you name it. You need to have something that is effective but can fit in your handbag / nappy bag easily.

4) 2-phase pumping. My supply wouldn’t be close to where it is nowadays without this 💫 You need a pump that mimics the natural sucking behaviour of your baby in order to get your full supply expressed and get to the fattier more calorific milk that will help your bub sleep longer 🥰 (still working on that with Alfie 😂)

5) This is admittedly a nice-to-have rather than must have but the Ardo Alyssa is the first breast-pump in the world with automatic power pumping which imitates the natural breastfeeding pattern of “cluster-feeding” which leads to an increase in milk production.

6) Battery life – aim for a pump that can be used both whilst charging at the mains and for more than 5 pumps per full charge.

Other than that, make sure you get the right size breast shell & and try and find ways to enjoy the time you’re pumping rather than have it feel like a chore like being able to eat a meal at a normal pace! “
📸💭: @carlyneave
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