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Key Features

  • Discreet and invisible under clothing
  • Prevents leakage of breast milk
  • Non-absorbent and reusable
  • Breathable and kind to the skin
  • Non-slip with special self-adhesive layer
  • Extremely thin, latex-free and easy to clean


The innovative LilyPadz ® silicone breast pads effectively prevent the leakage of breast milk by exerting constant, gentle pressure on the nipple.

Enjoy the most freedom whether you are swimming, playing sports, or wearing your favourite lingerie!   LilyPadz ® do not slip, they are not bulky and provide discreet and reliable protection from leaking breast milk.  When handled carefully, you can use your LilyPadz ® for months!

The LilyPadz ® are non-absorbent and are made of particularly soft, dermatologically tested and breathable high-tech silicone.  They have a unique and tacky lining so they adhere gently to the skin without the use of any adhesives.

Discreet and invisible under clothing, LilyPadz ® pads make it easy to take part in sporting activities and wear tight-fitting clothes even while breastfeeding. The pads ensure that the outer clothing remains dry at all times.

LilyPadz® are made of medical silicone, a material that shows no allergic reactions and doesn’t increase the incidence of mastitis or other complications associated with lactating women.  LilyPadz® won‘t stick to colostrum or healing fluids.

2 x LilyPadz

What are LilyPadz?  LilyPadz are innovative, reusable silicone breast pads that offer a unique alternative to bulky disposable breast pads. LilyPadz were developed by a mother of four, and feature a patented design and breathable silicone material. LilyPadz prevent leakage of precious breast milk, and thanks to their unique design they’re virtually invisible under your clothes.  


How do LilyPadz work?  LilyPadz apply gentle pressure on the nipple to stop breast milk leakage as long as they are properly used. Breastfeeding mums have used their fingers for years to apply this pressure during let-down. LilyPadz utilizes this principle... hands free.  


What are LilyPadz made of?  LilyPadz are made of breathable silicone. The silicone material on the inside surface is so soft that it has a sticky feel.  


Will the LilyPadz lining wear out?  Unlike adhesives that wash away, the sticky lining of LilyPadz is renewed with washing. Please follow the washing recommendations below. 


How do LilyPadz stay in place?  LilyPadz have a unique sticky lining so they adhere gently to your skin without the use of any adhesives.  


How do I wash my LilyPadz?  Simply lather with a degreasing, fragrance-free and pH-neutral washing-up liquid under hot water, rinse well and shake off the water. Afterwards, leave to air dry for a few minutes. With this cleaning method, LilyPadz can be reused for several weeks.  


Can I boil my LilyPadz?  Every now and then LilyPadz (without the protective shells) can be boiled (max. 1 minute). LilyPadz do not need to be boiled frequently and doing so will shorten the product life! There’s no need to boil LilyPadz for hygiene reasons before the first use. 


How long will LilyPadz last?  If properly cared for and used as directed, LilyPadz have a life expectancy of up to 2 months.  


How many pairs will I need?  Because LilyPadz are non-absorbent and work to prevent leakage, there are never any saturated pads to change. And unlike other reusables, there is no downtime in the laundry either. Cleaning the pad only takes a few minutes per day and then the LilyPadzs are ready to use again. For most mothers, one pair of LilyPadz is usually enough, but some order a second pair to be on the safe side.  


What if I perspire under my LilyPadz?  LilyPadz are composed of gas-permeable silicone, which allows them to breathe. Although LilyPadz should not cause you to perspire, if you work up a sweat you will perspire under your LilyPadz as well. The build-up of sweat can dislodge your LilyPadz, so we recommend that they be worn with support in these situations. And any moisture under your LilyPadz should be dabbed off as soon as possible to maintain good tissue health.  


Are LilyPadz comfortable to wear?  Because LilyPadz are made of thin, soft, flexible and breathable silicone they are like a second skin. They protect the nipple from excess moisture, rubbing and sticking, as is commonly experienced with cotton pads. Most mothers claim they forget they are wearing them.  


I am allergic to latex; will I have an allergic reaction to LilyPadz?  Unlike latex, silicone is a material that is not associated with any allergic reactions. Wash well before use and always be sure to rinse well to avoid soap residues. Some women experience mild irritation when first using LilyPadz. Contact your doctor if you experience irritation or redness on the skin. 

Are LilyPadz safe?  Yes, LilyPadz are made of pure, gaspermeable silicone, a material that causes no allergic reactions. LilyPadz have not been shown to increase the incidence of mastitis or other complications associated with lactation.  


Will LilyPadz affect my milk supply?  No, milk supply adjusts continuously, based on the supply and demand established by both you and your child. As long as you are feeding or expressing milk regularly, this balance will not be disturbed.  


Can LilyPadz be used with lanolin?  Yes, lanolin can be used safely with LilyPadz, although most mothers find less of a need for it with LilyPadz. LilyPadz help to maintain proper moisture balance in the breast tissue, neither bathing it in milk nor allowing it to dry out and chafe the way cotton pads can. LilyPadz also protect against rubbing and won’t stick to colostrum or healing fluids the way cotton pads do. So all in all, injuries are less likely. Because lanolin is oily by nature it may make LilyPadz less adhesive, so we recommend applying it only to the nipple and areola and wearing them with good support to avoid slippage. The lanolin will wash away with soap and water, renewing the lining for your next use.  


Can LilyPadz be used overnight?  Yes, this has proven to be one of the most popular advantages of LilyPadz. Because of their self-adhesive lining they can be used without your bra.  


Will LilyPadz show under my clothing?  No, LilyPadz go unnoticed under almost any choice of clothing.  


18. Can I swim in my LilyPadz?  Yes, LilyPadz must be applied when dry and to dry skin but once they are in place water does not penetrate them and cause them to fall off. So your LilyPadz are effective as you go from dry to wet to dry again and again.  


19. Can LilyPadz be used during pregnancy?  Yes, absolutely. Towards the end of pregnancy, often a little colostrum will start to leak from the nipples. This colostrum is very sticky, and so it can cause slight injuries if the nipple adheres to your bra. This can be prevented by using LilyPadz.  


20. I don’t plan on nursing; can I use LilyPadz as my milk dries up?  Yes, LilyPadz can be worn continuously without feeding or expressing milk. You may experience some discomfort initially, as with any weaning situation, but this zero demand prompts your body to regulate and eventually dry up its milk supply.  

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