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Protection for your nipples!

Painful nipples when breastfeeding or expressing mums is a common problem, with up to 96% of women suffering.

Having sore nipples can quickly become a catch-22 situation – you want to continue to breastfeed or express, but it is painful, so you wait longer between feeds and become anxious. High-stress levels mean you don’t produce the maternal hormone oxytocin which you need for the let-down reflex.

To prevent this from happening and to treat sore nipples, we have produced Ardo Care Lanolin a 100% ultra-pure lanolin nipple cream, Ardo Care Balm a Vegan alternative.

Nipple creams are shown to rapidly and significantly reduce pain on irritated or sore nipples.

Ardo Care Lanolin or Balm can be used even if the nipple wound is moist.  A barrier is created which slows down the evaporation of the skin’s own moisture, this protects the wound from drying out and heals the skin. The cream does not have to be removed before feeding/expressing.

Another bonus is that Ardo Care Lanolin or Care Balm is suitable for sensitive skin and can even be used on dry or rough skin by anyone in the family – but you keep this little luxury to yourself and baby!

Ardo Care Compresses, the soothing gel pads moisturises the skin making it soft and supple, supporting mums to continue breastfeeding.The gel is made from natural-based ingredients and is on non-woven fabric that supports the natural regeneration of the skin. Irritated or sore nipples can recover thanks to the moisturising effect and the long-lasting protective film. Scabbing of the skin is reduced or even prevented altogether, which reduces repeated cracking.

The gel is odourless, contains only natural-based ingredients, is vegan, and is safe for mum and baby.  The gel does not need to be wiped off before breastfeeding and the back of the compresses is coated to prevent staining of clothing.

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