Pumping procedure

Pumping should never be painful.

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly.
  2. Prepare your breastpump and the pumpset.
  3. Find a quiet place and make yourself comfortable; put something to drink within reach.
  4. Carry out a short breast massage (Plata Rueda).
  1. Centre the breast shell and hold the pumpset onto the breast shell while pumping.Do not put a lot of pressure on the breast in doing so.
  2. Turn on the breastpump and regulate the suction strength (vacuum) and the suction frequency (cycle) so that pumping feels pleasant.
  1. Massage your breast while pumping.
  2. 8.Pump from the right and left breast alternately. You can take a short break in between, have a drink and briefly massage the breast.
  3. Turn off the breastpump, remove the pumpset and clean it as described in the instructions.

A high vacuum does not necessarily lead to more milk and can cause sore nipples.