Ideal for hospitals: hygienic, safe and environmentally friendly


No need to sterilise!

If the Pumpset is cleaned properly, it can be used (safely) for 72 hours without sterilisation.  Resource saving and cost effective, the technology has been externally validated. Already being used successfully in many hospitals. 


Product Code:

63.00.49 One Mum Topset 26mm Sterile

63.00.50 One Mum Topset 31mm Sterile

63.00.51 One Mum Topset 36mm Sterile


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Important features at a glance:

  • Cost effective alternative to disposable and
  • 72 h concept validated
  • Space-saving and sterile
  • Five breast shell sizes available
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Ardo Accessory Bag available for storage


You want...

…cost savings?
…to save time?
…the best in terms of safety and hygiene?
…an individually adjustable product?
…to protect the environment?

Then the Ardo One Mum TopSet is just right for you!