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Amniotic Membrane Perforator

Our Amniotic Membrane Perforator provides a safe and comfortable method for rupturing the amniotic membrane. The Amniotic Membrane Perforator is thoroughly inspected and rigorous quality control systems ensure a high level of quality.

  • Rounded and protected tips to perforate the amniotic membrane without endangering the mother or the baby
  • Disposable, sterilised and individually packaged for convenient use
  • 26.5 cm long, with ergonomically shaped sides and a non-slip surface for secure handling

Umbilical cord clamp

This precision umbilical cord clamp is hygienic, safe and reliable to use. After the birth, the umbilical cord can be clamped to prevent blood loss in the newborn baby.

  • Safe disposable product, easy to use
  • Non-slip surfaces on both sides prevent slippage during use
  • Seals securely and exerts even pressure regardless of the diameter and contraction of the umbilical cord
  • The guard on the hinge holds the umbilical cord between the toothed surfaces and fixes this permanently
  • It has a smooth surface which will not become entangled in the newborn baby’s clothing or bed linen

Umbilical cord clamp clipper

The umbilical cord clamp clipper was developed for severing the specially constructed hinge of the umbilical cord clamp and removing this from the baby.

  • Safe and simple handling
  • The concealed cutting surface protects the baby from injury
  • Disposable usage prevents the risk of cross-contamination

Urine specimen bag

Our PVC-free urine specimen bags are the first choice when it comes to convenience, protection and care for delicate skin. Our sophisticated system for urine collection can be used for babies and younger children.

  • Different shapes and sizes meet the highest standards
  • Standard or microporous adhesive surfaces (latex-free) ensure easy and precise use
  • Comfortable and suitable for both the male and female anatomy
  • The double-chamber construction with a non return-flow valve keeps the urine away from the skin and prevents skin irritation
  • Simply stick the adhesive surfaces together to seal the specimen bag and send the urine sample to the laboratory