Disposable or 24-h pumpset for hospitals


Excellent standard of hygiene and safety

The Clinicare Pumpset is suitable for the effective and gentle expression of breast milk. It can be used for single as well as double pumping. The Clinicare Pumpset is packaged sterile, easy to clean, and designed for use by only one mother. In addition, the Clinicare Pumpset works with a closed pump ­system, based on the proven "Vacuum Seal" technology by Ardo. The hygiene barrier installed in the breast shell protects the breast milk as well as the breastpump from contamination and cross-contamination.

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Key features at a glance

  • Disposable or 24-h use (8 x per day)
  • In individual sterile packaging
  • The only disposable pump system with a ­hygiene barrier integrated in the breast shell
  • Excellent standard of hygiene and safety
  • Easy to use
  • Three different sizes of breast shells available: 22 mm, 26 mm, 31 mm