Breastpump for hospitals and hire


The Carum breastpump with a built-in rechargeable battery

The Carum Battery breastpump is identical in function to the existing, high-quality Carum breastpump and offers the same valuable functions. However, it also allows you to express milk irrespective of where you are for four hours using the maximum vacuum strength and cycle settings.

Key features at a glance

  • Mothers can express their milk on the neonatal ward within sight of their premature or ill baby, allowing the milk to flow more freely.
  • There is no danger of mothers pulling out the wrong plug on the neonatal ward.
  • It facilitates and optimises the work of healthcare professionals on the maternity ward as well as independent healthcare professionals.
  • Milk can be expressed for four hours (12 x 20 minutes).
  • The battery takes just two hours to charge.
  • The battery status is displayed on the screen.



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