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Achieving More Breastmilk

Tip Number One – Relax!

Relaxation is key, oxytocin is the hormone that is involved in milk production and triggers the let down reflex. If you are stressed or anxious, the oxytocin release can be inhibited temporarily.

Tip Number Two – Correct Breast Shell Size!

This is the plastic shell you place on your breast, having the incorrect size may affect how much you express.

Tip Number Three – Hands on Pumping!

A study showed that parents who used their hands while pumping expressed on average 48% more milk. Start by massaging both breasts with your hands. While expressing compress your breasts as much as possible. After expressing massage your breasts again and finish by hand expressing into the breast shell.

Tip Number Four – Double Pump!

This helps to increase supply and saves time!

Tip Number Five – Power Pumping!

Power pumping involves expressing multiple times during a short period of time to mimic a baby cluster feeding to increase supply.

Bonus Tip! 

Try expressing in the middle of the night, the milk making hormone prolactin is higher at this time.

Watch our video here which gives you help, advice and tips.

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