Actually it is completely logical

A good product adapts to you!

Every mother is individual – every mother has different personal needs.

That’s why our philosophy of always giving you the maximum in individuality, stands behind every Ardo product.

This means that you can…

  • always select the individual breast shell which suits you best, depending on the changing size and shape of your breasts and nipples while you are Breastfeeding.
  • use the electric Ardo Calypso breastpump as either a single- or double-pump.
  • use the manual, ergonomically designed Ardo Amaryll breastpump, which suits right- and left-handed (righties and lefties) equally.
  • express your precious breast milk directly into an Ardo Easy Freeze Bag. After expressing, store the breast milk or freeze it in the Easy Freeze Bag.
  • convert your Pumpset into an Ardo Amaryll manual breast pump simply and cost-effectively, with the Ardo Kombikit.
  • use the Ardo Pumpsetkit to convert your Ardo Amaryll manual breastpump into an Ardo Pumpset for (one of) the Ardo electronic breastpumps.