Electric Breastpumps

The best set-up!

Adjusting the vacuum (Intensity of suction)

Expressing milk should never be painful.

  • Take care that the nipple is centred in the breast shell
  • Set the vacuum intensity at the highest level which is comfortable for you. Intensify the vacuum, until you feel a very slight discomfort, and then reduce the intensity of the vacuum until pumping is comfortable
  • Check whether the size of the breast shell fits your nipple
  • In the event that the milk is not released, try a massage – this can be really effective

Regulate the cycle

  • When babies start to breastfeed, they suckle with rapid sucking motions and low suction – this causes the milk to release by stimulating the milk ejection reflex. This effect can be replicated by starting with a higher cycle level and selecting a weaker vacuum
  • When using the Stimulation-mode, choose the levels of vacuum and cycle which suit you
  • When the milk begins to release, reduce the cycles until you find the most comfortable level for you
  • If the milk flow fails, begin again in Stimulation-mode in order to prompt the milk to release/flow once again

Encouraging the milk ejection reflex

The milk ejection reflex may occur later when pumping than when Breastfeeding. The following measures may be helpful:

  • Breast massage before pumping
  • Have a warm drink
  • Relax and think about your baby
  • Gaze at a picture of your baby
  • Apply a warmed compress to the breast before expressing (Temperature Pack)
  • Warm the cone or funnel of the breast shell before applying

Pump efficiently

  • The massage effect of using the breast pump can boost milk production, and promote better milk flow

Increase quantity of milk

  • Use of a double pump set (Ardo Double Pumpset). The simultaneous expressing of both breasts reduces the pumping time by half and evidently improves the milk quantity
  • For the first 10 minutes, or until no more milk is flowing, use a double pump, i.e. express from both breasts at once. Afterwards, switch to a single pump. Express from each breast for five minutes while massaging gently