Breastfeeding and work

How to stay relaxed and flexible

Returning to work is not necessarily a reason to wean. It is rather a reason to continue Breastfeeding, as your child will miss you during your absence. However, a certain degree of organisation is required. It is important that you inform your employer in advance that you want to breastfeed your baby.

If you want to express your milk, you should start expressing approx. two weeks prior to the first day of work so that you can build up a supply. You can rent a pump or buy one. We recommend the compact Ardo Calypso Breastpump. If you express at work, you can carry it in a separately available discrete Breastfeeding bag You can keep the milk cool on your way home in the Ardo cool bag. You can also express directly into an Ardo Easy Freeze, thus saving storage space.

Your rights at work

When you return to work and want to continue Breastfeeding, you usually have the right to the time required for Breastfeeding or expressing milk (legally guaranteed in certain countries). If in doubt, contact your Breastfeeding or lactation consultant, midwife or the relevant institutions.