Caring for young & old alike with reliable medical technology

Ardo products accompany people on their journey through life. They support the development of premature and newborn babies, make breastfeeding easier for mothers and give safety and comfort to patients. Reliability and product benefits are always the key focus. Ardo focuses its existing wealth of experience on breastfeeding aids, as well as suction technology and neonatology. The expertise, passion and commitment of the Ardo team allow them to bring outstanding products to the market, using innovative solutions and an eye for quality to get right to the heart of customer needs. This Swiss family-run company builds its success upon respect for people and the environment.


Passionate commitment in the heart of Switzerland

Ardo medical AG is a Swiss family company, now in its second generation, which has dedicated itself wholeheartedly to developing, producing and distributing breastfeeding aids and medical technology equipment. With its head office in Unterägeri, Switzerland, the company also has five subsidiaries in Germany, the USA, the UK, the Netherlands and China. Ardo collaborates with independent representatives in more than 50 countries to market its high-quality products all over the world. The company fosters open, constructive dialogue with all its stakeholders and builds up loyal, long-term partnerships. Ardo constantly engages with customers and its proximity to the market enables the company to identify new needs at an early stage.