The proven, open intensive care system

ARDO Amenic e-servo

Amenic – the proven, open intensive care system which exactly meets yourrequirements. There are four models to choose from and various accessories. Safety and user-friendliness are features of all models: optical and acoustic alarms ensure safe and reliable monitoring. The pivoting heating arm, and the fold-down security sides (one-handed procedure) allow the staff the necessary room to manoeuvre during treatment.
When combined with the Amecosy warming mattress the radiant heat can be reduced, thereby improving the hydration of the newborn. For a perfect climate of warmth.

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Important features at a glance:

  • Skin temperature control heating or manual temperature control
  • Without height adjustment
  • Quartz radiant heater
  • Radiant heat in the mid-infrared range
  • The heater can be swung sideways to allow easier access for X-rays
  • Visual and audible alarms for reliable and safe monitoring
  • Inclinable lying area ± 10°
  • May be combined with the Amecosy warming mattress
  • Integrated X-ray compartment
  • All protective sides fold down